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Labebe Child Rocking Horse Toy, Stuffed Animal Rocker Toy, Brown Rocking Horse with Bridle for Kid 3-8 Years, Wooden Rocking Horse with Saddle/Outdoor Rocking Horse/Rocker/Animal Ride on/Rocking Toy


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Manufacturer Description

Do kids need Rocking Horses?

  • Yes, if you have fond memories of your youth, even it wasn't nothing more than the very plainest wooden variation, I'll bet you want one for YOUR infant.

  • Yes, rocking horses are one of those primarily played on toys that kids invest more time on than other toys.

  • Yes, rocking horses can get your infant's arms and legs trained at early age even prior to they can perform complicated sports.

What's else do you get in a Labebe rocking horse?

  • About 34% of all rocking horses worldwide are produced by us.

  • All rough edges and so on are thoroughly ground off and no raised screws are seen

  • Our rocking rocking horses have a white background specifically left for you to paint to your kids preference.

    Labebe's Brand Story

    Labebe is an international toy-company signed up in US and Europe. We have committed 25 years in designing and producing informative toys and infant products that speak the children's language and meet their growth needs, meantime make moms and dads' life funnier and much easier. Our life cycle management from basic material to after-sell assurances that the products show up to your hands with distinct style, safe product, exquisite handmade and attentive customer support.

Product Features

???? 176LBS STRONG BEARING CAPACITY - When your child is in the toddler stage, you can enjoy the fun of riding in a rocking horse. As your child grows into a fast-moving child, Do not worry. This rocker toy still stay with your child can carry healthily growth of your baby! Anytime, anywhere &anytime he wants. it is able to recollect the joy of early childhood! When your baby recalls your memories of childhood, Do not hesitate to ride on it and have fun with your kids. ???? 90% DEGREE OF SIMULATION - In order to make you and your child have a better riding experience, we conducted a careful study of the horse, mane, eyes, head and other details, to maximize the real horse form! No grassland, the baby can still experience the joy of riding! Whether indoors or outdoors, once the baby rode the rocking horse, there is nothing to let the baby out of a happy time. Meanwhile it can be well used as rocking horse stuffed, old rocking horse or rocking horse seat. ???? CLOSE TO NATURE - To bring the baby more time to contact with the nature, rocking horse accompanied him to explore and discover outdoors and help your baby to explore unlimited potential. At the same time, let him stay away from the ipad and TV, you no longer need to worry about this! As a parent while you playing in the outdoors with children! Make sure you watch the kids' excellent moment. So it is a suitable baby rocking horse or kid rocking horse, a must-have ride animal. ???? EXQUISITE HANDCRAFT - The filled pp. cotton are all well stitched inside the plush fabric, sewing are neatly done, you won't find any fiberfill come out corner, they stays solid even when roughly pulled by babies. The abundant pp. cotton are spread evenly at every corner, Soft touch, when children touch the rocking horse, it likes touching pets? This ensures the comfort and the seat will keep its form after years. ???? UNIQUE DESIGN ONLY AVAILABLE IN LABEBE - The structure and plush animal appearance are all originally designed by our French team. Seat is made of faux feather in shape of a saddle, really soft. Kid will feel like sitting on a couch, this provides comfort while they rock back and forth. Solid wood and MDF (Medium Density Fiber) are used to make the structure, solid but not too heavy to rock.

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